Inspection Types

Every playground, multi-use games area (MUGA), wheeled sport park and outdoor fitness area accessible by the general public require periodic recorded inspections and risk assessments. The recorded inspection routine must comprise of daily-weekly Routine Inspections, quarterly Operational Inspections and yearly Annual Inspections. These inspections are an essential part of a owners or operator’s overall risk assessment, they will identify where potential hazards are and ensure the ongoing safety and functionality of the site. Additionally Post Installation Inspections are critical whenever new equipment or facilities are installed to ensure they meet the relevant safety standards, Post Installation Inspections must be carried out before the site or new equipment can be opened for use.

By using Annual Play Inspections to carry out periodic inspections this give the client up to date information about their site allowing them to identify and address safety concerns promptly ensuring that their recreational areas remain safe and enjoyable for everyone to use. This approach helps to prevent accidents and injuries, providing peace of mind to users and a safe and enjoyable environment for everyone to use and enjoy. Our industry-leading bespoke inspection system with personalised login gives the client an interactive experience, the client can easily download and view a range of official reports ensuring transparency, ease of access, and prompt follow-ups. This streamlines the reporting process which means the client can quickly retrieve the information they need, reducing administrative burden and saving time.