About Us

About us

At Annual Playground Inspections, our foremost commitment lies in ensuring that playgrounds are safe, compliant, and built to the highest standards. We understand that play areas are where memories are made, children laugh, and communities come together. Our role is to guarantee that these spaces are not only fun, but safe areas which a fully compliant to the required safety standards.

Our Expertise:

With all inspectors holding the RPII Annual Qualification, we pride ourselves on our meticulous inspection process. Our proficiency extends to a deep understanding of:

BS EN 1176 (2017) – Playground Standards
BS EN 1177 (2018) – Safety Surfacing Standards
BS EN 14974 (2019) – Skate Park Standards
BS EN 15312 (2006) – Multi-Use Games Area Standards
BS EN 16630 (2015) – Outdoor Gym Standards
BS EN 16899 (2016) – Parkour Equipment Standards

Innovative Reporting:

We have always believed in staying ahead of the curve. Our industry-leading bespoke inspection system offers clients an interactive experience. With personalised logins, our clients can easily download and view a range of official reports on their play areas, ensuring transparency, ease of access, and prompt follow-ups.